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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jumping on the bandwagon: Revlon Lip Butters

Living in a quaint mountain town has its advantages. When shopping at the local Walmart (the only superstore in town) I made my way over to the makeup department. I headed straight to the Revlon section to check out the new highly anticipated lip butters. To my surprise, there were plenty to chose from and most were still in stock. After reading and hearing about them being sold out in most of the stores I was super excited. I decided to pick up two: Creamsicle and Berry Smoothie.

Now first of all, when shopping for a new lipstick my motto is "never judge a lipstick by its packaging." The majority of the time the way lipstick looks on your lips differs completely from the color of the packaging, obviously right? Well now here comes my mistake. I was instantly drawn to the color of Creamsicle because I thought it would be a pretty nude orangey color by the color of the cap. In fact it was, however, with my fair skin I wasn't too pleased with the way it looks on me. I feel it would look better on someone with more tanned skin. Hopefully this will be a good summer color for me but to make it work for right now I simply put a darker lipgloss over it and it comes out looking very pretty. Overall? It's okay for me. If you have pale skin nude colors are hard to pull off sometimes so be careful if you decide to buy this one.

Secondly, I decided to purchase Berry Smoothie. This is probably one of the most popular from what I have been reading about them. I can honestly say I love this color! It compliments me so well and it is not dark enough to drown me out. I definitely think this light maroon color will look good on everyone. It looks darker than it goes on so if you're looking for a dark color I would try one like Fig Jam which is 030.

These are lip butters so they need to be applied more throughout the day than lipstick does. This doesn't seem like a problem though because they instantly hydrate your lips so applying often feels nice. They go on smooth and don't leave your lips feeling sticky like some lip glosses do. They also don't leave that dry feeling you would sometimes get from lipsticks. I like to apply them right over my lip balm for super soft lips. 

You're probably tired of hearing these reviews but hopefully one more will convince you to try them out if you haven't already. They cost about $7 which is pretty decent compared to other drugstore brands.
 Overall, I'm impressed with this product and now I know why they were highly anticipated.

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