“But he who dares not grasp the thorn
Should never crave the rose.”
Anne Brontë

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Love at first sight: Colorado Edition

We all have that special place where we'd love to go to escape. Maybe we have been there before, maybe we haven't yet. Maybe it isn't even a real place but a made up one in our minds. Where ever our place may be, we all have one. We all need somewhere to escape.

I've been really in the mood to get away lately, or more like, in the mood to go back to Colorado. This is kind of a different blog post but I have been lacking inspiration lately. I find that most my inspiration comes from the things I love most. So here I am posting about how much I cannot wait to go back to, the place I'd love to escape to, Colorado.

I bought this Colorado state flag pictured above off Ebay as a room accessory. It hangs right above my bed as a reminder of where I want to be. It's my motivation to help get me there one day. When I wake up every morning it's one of the first things I see right after checking my phone for a lovely "good morning" text message of course (hi babe!). It reminds me of the beautiful sight of the Rockies while driving down the highway and the fresh crisp mountain air that is so breathable you can feel it lightening up your lungs. I absolutely love it there!

To whomever believes "once you've seen one mountain, you've seen them all" I encourage you to rethink this opinion! ;)

They say this for a reason! (picture taken from Pinterest)

[Colorful] Colorado Springs, Colorado Found here on Pinterest

Colorado Wall Art found here on Etsy

You've probably guessed by now that mountains are my favorite. :P

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